• Behind the Pink Tie

    December 1, 2016 | News
  • Often asked why… you’ll see a lot of photos of John in a pink tie when playing events… there’s a reason for that and here’s the story. About 15 years ago, John started wearing pink ties to events in October to show support for breast cancer awareness month. 

    Then, as fate would have it, in April of 2015 John himself was diagnosed with cancer. They called it squamous cell carcinoma.  The fight was on!  After two surgeries, thirty radiation treatments, three chemo therapies, and lots of recovery time, John beat the cancer and to date all scans are clear. 

    He returned to Jack Magic Entertainment in late 2015.  The battle over, it was then that John decided that he would wear the pink tie for every event as continued support and homage to all that have had to and are dealing with their life-changing moments and this deadly disease.